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Reviews It's a God Thing


We live in a demanding culture. We are pulled and tugged and sometimes even trapped by life. This book will inspire you to a new level of hope. You will learn what it means to be a friend—a true friend. Not just a voice in someone’s life trying to tell them what to do or how they should live. But rather, a friend who accepts people the way they are and gently helps them reach their potential in life.

Dary Northrup, Pastor, Timberline Church, Fort Collins, Colorado


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This is a very inspiring book that shows how God will use any willing heart in helping others come to the saving grace of Christ Jesus!

Teresa Britton


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“It’s a God Thing!” is a spark for igniting the most important areas of life—love for God and love for people. Larry’s passion for God and today’s young adults is contagious. His life is a call to healthy relationships and adventure. This book is a great motivator for those willing to take seriously Jesus’ greatest commandments to love the lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Paul Aragon, Pastor, Joshua’s Crossing Generational Church,

Old Town, Fort Collins, Colorado


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A friend loaned me Becky's book about Larry. What an encouragement! He has a unique ministry in a town I love, Ft. Collins, CO. Becky captured Larry well as a human but one who will do anything to serve the Lord. Amazon Review


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Lately it seems that I have read a lot of books ranging from deep nonfiction to nice, enjoyable fiction. Here I share about It's A God Thing! This is about a man who shares through the use of stories what God has done in and through him. It isn't boasting in himself, but in the Lord. The only real name in the book is his own, Larry or Lar, as he is known by many in the area where he ministers to one and all.


Is Larry a pastor, lay minister, a man who has it all together? Well, in a simple word no. Larry shares in brief a few tragedies that God used to get him to realize that though he was an ex-Marine, he needed the Lord. There was a particular time in his life where God clearly showed him that without God, he couldn't do a thing. We all need to be reminded of this truth as well, and also learn from what Larry experiences next. What does he experience next?


This is where the book really takes off as Larry shares openly, briefly, and without using real names how God called him to go where most won't go. Larry has known a vast array of people from curious backgrounds. Some have walked with God. He is brought to those who are seeking. Larry is carrying on in his job, which was what his father did as well, the gift of being a true friend to those who consider themselves unlovable.


The chapters catch the attention of the reader as well as the heart. At the end of this brief book, Larry shares what he entitled “Friendship 101” followed by some of his “Personal Notes.” Never in the book will he make you feel like you have to do what he is being led to do. He only challenges one and all to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit in whatever God has given you to do. Though brief, I hope you will find encouragement in this book to go where God leads you, to touch others in His name and for the Kingdom of God. My personal rating of this book is five stars. 
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