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Summer 2022 - Summer Finally! Or Already?


On my 85-degree canal walk this afternoon—wasn’t it just 55 degrees a couple days ago?—I was happy to see the poppies are back. The domestic poppies spread from a neighbor’s yard several years ago and now grow wild along the rocky canal bank, adding color and beauty.


The heat must have made the geese lethargic. They didn’t bother to move when I walked by. Usually, the little ones are skittish, and their parents are anxious to herd them down to the water away from danger.


Good news! SHADOW RANCH is now available in electronic format wherever eBooks are sold and in paperback on Amazon. Other print distributors will be added soon. Several of you asked for autographed copies. I’m pretty sure I remember who you are, but please email me at to remind me. Anyone else who’d like an autographed copy, just let me know.


Here’s what readers are saying about the first book in the CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT series.


   - I was glued to Shadow Ranch. It is really good. - JS


   - Rebecca Carey Lyles can come up with the creepiest, slimiest villains...and hair-raising escapes by the heroine...again, and again, and again. - BT


   - I couldn’t put Shadow Ranch down. I enjoyed it immensely and am looking forward to more in this series! - NH


   - Shadow Ranch is Rebecca Carey Lyles's most riveting story yet! - AK


   - I loved Shadow Ranch! – GH


Watch the Shadow Ranch book trailer:













What are you reading this summer? Let me know and I’ll share your favorites in this newsletter. Our church librarian promised me that God’s Hostage by Andrew Brunson would be a page-turner, and she was right! I appreciated his humble transparency regarding the emotional/mental/spiritual/physical roller coaster he endured during 735 long days of captivity.


A friend recommended another intriguing story—Death of a Guru. The author had me from the first sentence. “It could hardly be said that my arrest on that blustery morning in November 1974, as I sought to cross the border from Pakistan into India, came as a complete surprise.”


I’m also reading Wounded Faith. Bible scholars, therapists and former cult members contributed to this excellent book. One reviewer wrote: “It analyzes and interprets spiritual abuse in many different settings—cults, fringe churches, independent mega-churches, mainline churches—from sociological, psychological, theological, and pastoral perspectives. It is both theoretically and practically very helpful.”


While Kathy Schuknecht writes the second novel in her Hemlock Run Series, with a little help from our critique group, I’m rereading the first one, Transforming Grace, to reacquaint myself with the delightful characters. The book is a fun read with a great message.


In our latest Let Me Tell You a Story podcast, Steve and I talk about Shadow Ranch, and I offer my take on polygamous groups. (Just a hint…I’m not a proponent, ha.) However, that episode, #133, is still in editing, so you won’t be able to access it for a few days. Just wanted to give a heads-up to anyone interested.


Last but not least, the Winds of Hope eBook, prequel to the Kate Neilson Series, is free through the weekend wherever eBooks are sold.


Enjoy the sunshine!








Spring 2022 - Welcome to Spring & Family Celebrations


** Four New Books Just in Time for All Your Special Family Days **

~ Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & Children’s Day ~


Finally, Spring has arrived in Southwest Idaho, and finally, SHADOW RANCH, Book One in the CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT SERIES, escaped my computer! I don’t use “escaped” lightly – had some 11th-hour funky word-processing surprises. My wonderful crit partners prayed and helped me through the challenges. Thank God for sweet praying friends. And thank God he hears and answers prayer!


Enjoy this short video clip to get an idea of what you’ll encounter in SHADOW RANCH. :-)



You can grab an ebook copy this very moment for only $.99! The print version is coming soon, but right now, it’s in the cover designer’s able hands. Watch online for the book's availability. Or email me at


We can’t have a book launch without a contest! The first five people to email me with the name of the ranch dog in the Kate Neilson Series will win an ebook copy of Shadow Ranch. And the first person to email with the name of the tearoom (I had to look it up!) in the Prisoners of Hope Series will receive an autographed print copy of Shadow Ranch. :-)


One of my wonderful critique partners, Kathy Schuknecht, just published her first novel, TRANSFORMING GRACE, Book One in the Hemlock Run Series. It’s a delightful story, one I know you’ll love. Here are a couple paragraphs from the Amazon description.


     Grace Delaney lived a charmed life—until tragedy struck in the blink of an eye. When her police officer husband is killed in the line of duty, her faith in a loving and merciful God shatters. Overwhelmed by grief, she vows to track down those responsible for his death.


     Gino Genetti was born into one of Philadelphia's most notorious crime families. Bound to the underworld, he never trusted anyone—until a neighborhood cop named Jack Delaney planted a seed of faith in is heart. When Officer Delaney is gunned down by the Mafia, Gino questions everything. But walking away from the mob could cost him his life.




Last week, Steve and I interviewed Richard Matteson for our LET ME TELL YOU A STORY podcast. - Listen Now - Richard just released his first book, LIVING A PRINCIPLED LIFE, subtitled  “Uncovering 80 Universal Principles of Life that Can Change You.”


From the book’s Amazon description: We have lost sight of the principles of life that guide us to holistic living. These principles are rooted in the Bible and have not changed through the centuries. A principled life cannot be overrated. It is a key element in the development of maturity in many areas of life. Learn more here


Our friend, Amy Orlovich, recently released her first children’s book with wonderful illustrations and a great message for kids. Wilson the Wombat


Four wonderful books for your reading pleasure! You can purchase all four today with just a few clicks. :-) FYI, the SHADOW RANCH $.99 ebook price is a special launch price that won’t last long. Order your copy today!


Wishing you wonderful family celebrations with your loved ones!




Your Shadow Ranch Adventure Awaits!

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