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In the course of thirty-plus years, I’ve written two nonfiction books and two novels and had articles and short stories published in a variety of publications, including book-length compilations. I’ve edited newsletters, magazines, brochures, white papers, Web pages, educational material, memoirs, Bible studies, and various works of fiction. Plus, I’ve taken books through the publication maze, from regular print-runs to eBook conversion to print-on-demand (POD) conversion.



"Sending your manuscript to publishers without Becky Lyles editing it is like forgetting your clothes at a wedding. It’s just embarrassing."
Peter Leavell, award-winning author of Gideon’s Call and God & Gun


                                                         *      *      *


"I have high regard for Becky as editor for the work I have submitted to her.  She is highly skilled, has a keen eye for detail, and the final outcome is always crisp and precise. She gives relevant suggestions, and her years of professional experience are evident in her work."

Robin Durkee, Master of Social Work, Home-Based Therapy


                                                        *      *      *


"Becky is a really good writer – no doubt – but as an editor, she has MAD SKILLS!!! Oh, my goodness, every possible place where someone could have a question, or misunderstand, or need further explanation, and of course, all the places that need more showing and less telling – I swear she must have caught them all. It's just what I needed and have been looking for. Thank you SO much, Becky – you are amazing!"

Lisa Hess, author of YA novel Ghost of Gold Creek, her current project


                                                        *      *      *


“Becky edits with experience, intelligence, and diligence – a better combination could not be found. I credit her for helping me get my first book sale.”

Angela Ruth Strong, award-winning author of The Water Fight Professional, Lighten Up, and Love Finds You in Sun Valley, Idaho


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“I've known Becky Lyles for over ten years. She is a consummate professional who takes great pride in a job well done and managed – and in a delighted client. She pays exceptional attention to detail, is unfailingly kind and courteous, and works hard to hit those deadlines on-the-nose (or before!) She communicates very clearly, effectively, and efficiently. When you want the job done right the first time, call Becky Lyles.”

Kris Neely, author of Life between the Tigers


                                                        *      *      *


“Rebecca's edits proved timely, spot-on, and thorough. I never regretted working with her and urge other writers to jump at the chance to enlist her editing advice.”

Alison Bryant, author of Wild Blue Yonder, her current project


                                                        *      *      *


“What did hiring Becky Lyles do for me? First off, she wasn't afraid to show me where I'd crossed a line. A writer needs to be called out from time-to-time. Secondly, she's great at trimming off the fat. By following her advice, I had room for additional material. And to top it off, Becky dug into the minutia and showed me where I'd wandered into repetitiveness. That's next to impossible to find on your own. When I met her at the completion of my project, we spoke for two hours. I left with in-depth ideas for a second book series. My advice? Hire her and expect to have your eyes opened.”

Peg Gamba, author of Through Angel’s Eyes, her current project


                                                       *      *      *


“You need a good editor.”

 Becky Lyles was recommended by my son, Peter Leavell. After giving her the first chapter, I was convinced she was either an excellent editor or just enjoyed putting red, blue, and green colors in my work. Upon closer examination, she had told me the truth, pointing out areas to improve, words that needed defined, and structure that needed strengthened. Not only did she edit my work but she taught me about writing as we went through the process. The later chapters were not as colorful as earlier ones. I had improved. To have good quality in writing, you need a good editor. Becky Lyles is someone I can heartily endorse. The result of working with Becky was that I submitted the work to two publishers. Both gave positive feedback. Steadfast and Stable is published by Journeyforth Publishing, being released November 18th of 2014. Thank you, Becky. You made it possible. (I know I should submit this to Becky.  She may need to edit it.)

Monte Leavell, author of “Steadfast and Stable”



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