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Four authors who also happen to be friends. Sixteen unique short stories. From tales of spies and trains and John Wayne, to monks, magic and marriage, you’ll be entertained, challenged and inspired. Valerie D. Gray, Lisa Michelle Hess, Peter Leavell and Rebecca Carey Lyles met several years ago at a newly formed writers group in a back corner of Rediscovered Books, an Idaho indie bookstore. Over time, they became critique partners who share the ups and downs of the writing life as well as act as first readers for one another’s work.




“An excellent collection of short stories on a common theme. I love the variety of genres in the stories, too. I brought this along on my vacation recently and it made for a nice companion. Rebecca Carey Lyles found some great stories and wrote some of the best ones. In particular I loved her story "Morning Song"...what can I say, I'm a hopeless romantic. Peter Leavell's story "18 Minutes" was hilarious, it was like being told a humorous story by an old friend. Also his story "Grand Champion" touched me as well. What a beautiful story between a dad and his daughter on the subject of suffering. (SPOILER ALERT)...but I love how the girls Dad realizes that the heart can only handle so much grief and steps in at the final moment. Good stuff all in all.”

A. Kilmer


"A great book. My favorite story is the one about the button quilt."
Teresa Britton


"Great stories, very eclectic variety which was uber enjoyable for me! Each story was like opening a surprise gift. :)"

Sandra Doerty

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