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Winds of Freedom is the second in the author's Kate Neilson Novels series. While the first story dealt with healing and restoration after a criminal past, this is a story of hope as characters live as victims of another's disturbing crime: human trafficking. (Though some characters clearly are sex slaves, no sex scenes are detailed; any supporting passages are written in a tasteful way.)


Author Rebecca Carey Lyles lets us look into the soul of a fictional trafficking victim in a way that brings empathy toward the enslaved and changes in the reader. It is gritty and raw - yet it carries the truth that God will never leave or forsake us, even (especially?) in our darkest times. Winds of Freedom inspires courage and compassion, and that in itself makes the book a worthy read. Laura B.


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Winds of Freedom is a wonderfully inspiring book that grabs you at the very beginning and never lets go. Rebecca Lyles started this story with Winds of Wyoming where the main character, Kate, is released from prison and goes through the long rough process of restoration with a lot of help from the new friends she makes in Wyoming. In Winds of Freedom, Kate and her friends put their lives on the line to help a dear friend from Kate's past. Rebecca Lyles’s writing keeps you enthralled throughout the ordeal. The story is filled with adventure, mystery, love, warmth, and faith. Pat C.


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Rebecca Carey Lyles' second novel gets five stars from me for three reasons: (1) Winds of Freedom engages you from the beginning and is hard to put down. (2) The development of her characters shows Ms. Lyles' increasing abilities as a writer. (3) She deals with the modern-day horror of human trafficking. Ms. Lyles doesn't write about human trafficking in a preachy way, but in a way that should arouse consciousness for anyone not yet informed about the problem while encouraging those who are to take up or continue the fight against sex slavery and forced labor. Her knowledge of human trafficking clearly shows, as does her persistent and careful research, whether into venomous snakes or the streets of Dallas, Texas, or the Wyoming landscape. All in all, a great read! Bob T.


I was eagerly awaiting the second book in this series to be completed. Rebecca's writing grabs the reader and makes them feel like part of the story. The main character, Kate, had many unfortunate trials as a young adult in the first book, Winds of Wyoming, but with God's intervention and new friends she made in her new job, she overcame all of the obstacles. In Winds of Freedom, Kate's new family helps her rescue a longtime friend from the clutches of evil. The story follows Kate and her family through rough situations and how they help each other get through them. Sue


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Don't expect this novel to be your sweet little romance though there's romance in it. This is the 2nd in the Kate Neilson series, but it can be read with understanding without having to read the 1st book. Carey's experience of working with women who have been in prison gives an authentic touch. We need to read more on the subject of human trafficking to keep us aware of the problem, so we can pray & support efforts to fight it. Though two of the characters have rough backgrounds & one has an evil present, Carey makes both likeable, believable, and inspiring. Janet B.


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When you find yourself stalking an author’s web site to follow the progress of their next book’s release, it’s a sure sign you are hooked on their work. Such is the case for me with author Rebecca Carey Lyles and her Kate Neilson Series.


Winds of Freedom, the second book in the series, is a well-written story with the wonderfully developed characters we met in the first book, Winds of Wyoming. The compelling plot takes the reader from the relative tranquility of the Whispering Pines ranch in Wyoming to the dark and forbidding world of evil hidden in the depths of the city of Dallas.


As Kate, with the assistance of others, including her husband Mike, searches for her friend Amy, she comes face to face with past fear and foundering faith. Conflict and drama abound at home in Wyoming as Mike’s Mom, Laura, seeks to find what she believes she needs the most. Add the sweet innocence of Kate’s Alzheimer’s infected Aunt Mary, and you have a story that tugs at the heart and nourishes the spirit.


In the midst of all the turmoil she creates in her characters’ lives, Rebecca Carey Lyles brings home the message that God remains faithful, even during our darkest and most difficult times of struggle. She demonstrates the steadfastness of God’s love without forceful preaching.


Rebecca’s Kate Neilson series, along with a couple of her other books, have launched her to the top of my “favorite author” list. Patti S.


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I loved it. It made me more aware of what is going on right around us. We can't bury our heads in the sand about human trafficking. I guess most of us feel helpless and don’t know what to do. Betty B.


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I give Rebecca Carey Lyles five stars for this second novel. I truly enjoyed Winds of Wyoming and would recommend it. This second novel, however, caught my attention right away. It was full of suspense. It opened my eyes to the horrible life people can get caught up in, regarding human trafficking. It reminded me how vulnerable young girls can be, and how easy the evil ones can catch them up in their web, even in America. I am sure Rebecca did much research in writing Winds of Freedom. The characters in the book came alive for me. Throughout the book the reader is gently reminded of God's forgiveness and love to those who reach out to Him. Each book just gets better. Can't wait to read the next one! Amazon Customer


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I read Winds of Freedom over my vacation last month. It was very well-written, like Winds of Wyoming, and...a very enjoyable “read,” although parts of the content dealing with sex-slavery was obviously disturbing. Thank you for taking on that topic, and writing on it in such a compelling way. May God bless you as you serve Him with your writing talent! David K.


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To be honest, I had a really hard time connecting to the characters and the story in the first book, "Winds of Wyoming," so I was hesitant to read this sequel. However, a friend who shares my same taste in books recommended it, and I bought it on my Kindle for a few dollars on a sale. I am very glad that I read this sequel! It took me a few chapters to get hooked, but then I definitely became connected to the characters and the story in this book! This tastefully deals with the reality of human trafficking, even in our own country. It's an issue we all should be more aware of, and care more about addressing. The story is very compelling, exciting, and well written. My only negative was that I felt that there were other characters with other storylines continued from the first book that made it feel that there was almost too much going on in different places and different directions distracting from the human trafficking plot line. I kept skimming past certain parts and chapters to get back to the main plot. However, anyone who loved the first book is sure to love everything in this sequel! I am guessing that some of those storyline threads will be important to the next book, which made them necessary. I think this book is worth reading, and I wish everyone would! I am horribly picky when it comes to fiction, and am way more critical than most people on books. I have often wished I could be an editor who gets to determine if an author gets published or not, but then hardly anyone would make it! So, it says a whole lot that I give this book 4 stars, and highly recommend that it be read! There are only a few books I have read in my life (and that's a whole lot of books) that I would give five stars to. It's incredibly difficult to write a perfect book! :-) (If you like this book, check out "Divine" by Karen Kingsbury. I also love that book, and reading this book made me think about that book. That's a good thing!) RJ Love


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This excellent story has well developed characters. Rebecca does a good job with a touchy subject. One we like to think can't happen in our town. I hope it raises awareness in all of us. S. Lavy


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Winds of Freedom is good information on the love, faithfulness and forgiveness of God. You can't fall too far that He will not pick you up. Ms. Lyles just gets better and better. Can't wait for her next book. D. Stoddard



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