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Great read!

Winds of Hope introduces the colorful characters that converge in the Kate Neilson Series. Their life stories set the stage for one of the most satisfying trilogies I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The series is fast-paced, dealing with gripping contemporary issues, played out in the lives of the dude ranch staff. I gifted the trilogy to a friend for Christmas. When she thanked me for them she said, "That's the way books are supposed to be written! Rebecca did it up right. One hundred percent right."                                               Pat W on Amazon



I love this series!

I absolutely love the winds series, so I was really excited to see a prequel. I hadn't had enough of the characters I loved in the first three books. Every time I finish reading I hope there is more. You will fall in love with Rebecca's vivid writing.
I highly recommend this book and the three before it [that follow].

                                                                                                  Jessica on Amazon



A great introduction to the characters

Winds of Hope is a nice taste to the characters in the Kate Neilson Series. The writing is enjoyable and the story is engaging.                  LovetoRead on Amazon



Winds of…

I have read the three books of the Kate Neilson series by Rebecca Carey Lyles, and they were great. So I was happy to see this prequel, which goes into the background of some of the main characters. It gives you a little more understanding of these men and women who make the series so interesting. The author does a beautiful job of bringing you into the Wyoming setting and making you feel a part of the story. If you haven't read any the Kate Neilson books, you may want to start with this prequel, Winds of Hope.               Pat Cory on Amazon



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