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Reviews On a Wing and a Prayer



I borrowed one of each of your books [from the jail library]

to bring home and read so I could discuss them with the ladies [at the jail].  They often ask which books we've read.  I could barely put them down.  Wow!  You are a great writer.  The books are so perfect for the ladies too.  I can see why they enjoy them so much.


The first thing I noticed was that Kate was a foster child.  The ladies always read any books we have on foster children.  I didn't really know why until one of the ladies told me that many of the women in jail have been in the foster system.


I think the way you wrote the story from the perspective of a former criminal would make it easy for them to relate to Kate and Amy.  For example, the prejudice they experience because of their criminal history.  But I liked how you emphasize that they are "former" criminals and they shouldn't be a prisoner of their past.


I loved how you mentioned that the church service was similar to the service in prison.  That might encourage the ladies to attend a church service when they are released since they now have some idea of what to expect.


Of course, all of this is woven into a great mystery and romance...and with a happy ending too.

Diane, Jail Librarian


                                 *      *      *


With Freedom Fellowship, God is first and foremost. Their sole purpose, their mission, is to teach people that God loves them. That was apparent to me from the moment I walked into my first Freedom Fellowship service.

Joseph, Inmate


                                  *      *      *


I have had the privilege of having the Freedom Fellowship team present seminars at our prison. Their program is one of the finest we have had, and it has made a significant impact on the men in this facility.

Dan Canady, Volunteer Chaplain, Colorado prison


                                  *      *      *


Donna is unassuming, kind, gracious, warm and unspectacular. She desires the applause of no one except her heavenly Father. That is the side of Donna most people see, if they see her at all. When she walks into the lives of persons incarcerated, she carries with her the spectacular, disruptive, life-changing Spirit of God. Lives are being rescued through the ministry of Freedom Fellowship.

Darren Fred, Timberline Oldtown Church, Fort Collins, Colorado


                                  *      *      *


The results of the hard work of the Freedom Fellowship volunteers is indeed very impressive. Of the most recent 100 inmates who have been tracked, only three have returned to jail or prison. There are numerous success stories of former drug dealers, violent offenders, and other criminals who have returned to their respective communities as law-abiding, hard-working citizens.

Stuart VanMeveren, District Attorney, Eighth Judicial District, Colorado


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After everything I’ve been through, I have no idea why I’m alive except to serve God. That’s my deepest desire. I try to serve him through Freedom Fellowship. Prison ministry is my passion because I know how it changed my life.

Pamela, Ex-Inmate


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